Joint Call 2020 (MICall20) on digital transformation for green energy transition

The call has been closed.

Details on the ambition and requirements of the call are explained in the call text document (here is the full text). The decision on projects will be made in November 2021.

Find a list of the funded projects for download here (PDF).

Outcomes of the Joint Call 2020 ("MICall20”)

Joint call of €22 million for transnational projects on digital transformation for green energy transition 

  • 86 full project proposals from 18 regions/countries, requesting €88 million
  • 21 projects awarded for funding from 17 regions/countries, involving a total of 147 partners spread throughout Europe and India, including 77 participants from business entities


Total project budget for successful applications €35 million, whereof requested funding €22 million. 

Call aim

By accelerating the implementation, adaption and knowledge creation of digital solutions in energy systems and networks, this call supports the following objectives:
  • Advance the green energy transition in all sectors of the energy system while ensuring security of supply
  • Shaping new transnational business and investment opportunities by sector coupling and development of new value chains in innovative and cost-effective energy solutions, thereby creating new employment opportunities and contributing to the development of an environmentally sustainable financial growth
  • Ensuring social sustainability and coherence with digitalisation in other sectors in the progression of the green energy transition

Overall objectives

  • Increase the development and uptake of latest digital innovation and solutions in the energy domain
  • facilitate well established open and harmonised marketplaces that better connect the ICT and the energy domain
  • improve knowledge and awareness for policy makers, regulators and utilities on digital solutions
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Joint Call 2020 Webinars
The presentation of the webinar on 24 March 2021 is available here.  
The presentation of the webinar on 13 Januar 2021 is available here.  
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