Information and Communication Material

This section holds globally available information. Check the expera knowledge platform for specific information on projects, working groups and living documents.

Support Team Bulletins (for Funded Projects)


Communication Regulations and Visibility Guide

Communication Regulations and Visibility Guide for ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Funded Projects (Version 1.3, January 2021)

This document sets out general regulations for dissemination and communication activities of projects funded by ERA-Net SES. In addition, the document holds a comprehensive support package (including a visibility and design guideline, frequently asked questions and a description of available templates) which will help project managers and dissemination managers to develop a sound communication strategy for their ERA-Net SES project.

Dissemination Package for Funded Projects

Find here a set of material downloads that ERA-Net SES projects can use for their dissemination and communication - from logos, banners, standardised texts and presentations to a set of templates. Read the Communication and Visibility Guide (above) for further instructions and regulations on how to use the material in your dissemination and/or communication activity.

Logos & Banners

Texts and Standard Presentation

Templates and Examples

expera User Guidance

expera is the platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing between JPP ERA-Net SES funded projects as well as external experts. Register here for expera and read the manuals below for user guidance.

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