Working build up the mutual knowledge and collaboration between projects, enable a thorough discussion of the main lessons learnt by the projects, and feed the ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community with state-of-the art information. In physical and virtual meetings, representatives of ERA-Net SES funded projects meet each other and invited experts. The working groups are open to those consortia that could not be awarded in ERA-Net SES calls as well as external initiatives, institutions and project consortia. Moreover, the findings and output of the knowledge community will help the program managers and policy makers from the involved funding partners to shape future calls and programs.

The following working groups exist and are being managed on the expera platform:
  • Regional Matters
    Regional and local energy systems and networks are composed of available energy sources, built infrastructure, specific production, and consumption characteristics as well as user and consumer structures from different sectors, including the transportation system. They are part of the living environment of citizens, including, in some cases, highly ambitious clean energy goals of specific communities and regions. Regional and local energy systems provide appropriate services to consumers and citizens as well as to the overall European energy system to help ensure the security of supply, maximise the primary energy efficiency and deliver a high share of renewable energy. JPP SES projects contribute to such energy systems providing methods, tools, plans and guidelines to integrate energy in the frame of a regional point of view. Their contributions are based on the experience from their trial sites and research. These contributions are discussed in the Regional Matters Working Group, in addition to examining current developments in the relevant research and innovation ecosystems. Different energy systems scales are covered, from microgrids, cellular systems (systems of systems) and islands, to buildings, cities, districts, and regions. Further topics are Energy Communities (ECs), planning and forecasting tools (including district heating and cooling, mobility), resources protection and exploitation, added values for the prosperity of the region and societal impact.


The working groups are managed and moderated by the team of the Knowledge Community Management (B.A.U.M., RSE, CLIC) which is an integral part of the ERA-Net SES Coordination.

For further questions, please contact: knowledgecommunity[at]

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