Policy Briefs and Spotlights

Policy Briefs

The ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community unites scientific experts in smart energy systems. On the basis of their profound expertise, these researchers develop an informed opinion of key aspects which, according to their perspective, should be considered by policy and decision makers. With its working groups, ERA-Net SES provides a platform for initiating and developing the expert discussions regarding the messages of the research community to the policy makers.
Click here to download the summary of the latest update to the Policy Briefs.

Policy makers and regulators are invited to share their perspective in the respective living documents on the JPP SES Knowledge Community platform expera, to engage in discussion. If you are not an expera expert member yet, upgrade your follower account or register for access.


The documents available on expera provide a the perspective of ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems projects towards current high-level external inputs of great relevance to the respective research and development landscape. These inputs include but are not limited to meta-analyses, standards or international legislation. Spotlights concentrate on specific topics with high relevance for the respective Working Groups. Spotlights keep projects and experts updated on the ongoing activities and intermediate results of the initiative. Furthermore, they facilitate setting the results of ERA-Net SES projects in context within the European landscape fo initiatives.
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