Joint Programming Event and Pilot Multilateral MICall19 Workshop

You can find a short event review on the news section of the webpage. Please find the full documentation of the session here for download on expera for registered members. Further you can find a full web stream of the session on youtube here. Below, you can find the initial event announcement. Click here to enter the virtual matchmaking room for the MICall19. 


This event brings together public funding partners from around the world to discuss opportunities for multilateral collaboration. It highlights opportunities to close gaps in the innovation chain by connecting different networks and initiatives on a joint programming platform. A public-public-private partnership format will be illustrated, enabling the initiation and joint funding of applied, collaborative R&D projects. The workshop prepares the pathway for the first Mission Innovation multilateral call MICall19, which will be launched in September 2019. Furthermore, it provides first matchmaking possibilities among researchers and companies in cooperation with the MI Innovation Challenges.


Michael Hübner, Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
Ludwig Karg, B.A.U.M., Head of ERA-Net Smart Energy Knowledge Community 
* Time Zone: UTM 7 / PDT 

 Plenary Session



  SCHÄDLER, Ingolf, Deputy Director General Innovation and Technology, Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology 
  ANDRÉN, Robert, Director-General, Swedish Energy Agency, Vice Chair MI Steering Committee 

Signing Ceremony
MI Core Group of Countries Committed to Prepare the First Multilateral Call for Re-search and Development Projects "MICall19”

 Governance Panel

 Key-Notes from panellists (3 min each)

  • China: WANG, Yibo , Chinese Academy Of Science
  • India: BAJPAI, Sanjay, Head Technology Mission Division (Energy, Water & All others), Government of India
  • Morocco: El MRABET, Rachid, Institut de Recherche en Énergie Solaire et Énergies Nouvelles (IRESEN)
  • Chile: SILVA PAREJAS, María Cristina, Multilateral Affairs Officer, Ministry of Energy (tbc) 
  • Europe: CHILD, Patrick, European Commission
  • Austria: VOGEL, Theresia, Managing Director, Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian Federal Government
  • Sweden: BAHR LJUNGDELL, Josephine, Director of International Affairs, Swedish Energy Agency
  • Germany: VACH, Peter, Policy Officer, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • World: NN, Local Governments for Sustainability Association (ICLEI) (tbc) 
 MICall19 and the Joint Programming Platform (JPP)
 CLARK, Morag, Scottish Enterprise, JPP Smart Energy Systems Coordination Team 
 El Mrabet, Rachid, IRESEN, Morocco

 Panel Discussion: 
 Cooperation Challenges, Benefits and Opportunities. Why? How? Who? 


 Stakeholder Panel  

 Pitches on Industry Positions (99 secs each) - tbc

  • Canada: NN, Building Industry (tba) or NN, Hoskin Ltd (tba)
  • Europe: BUCHHOLZ, Britta, ABB (tbc) or Gary Rackliffe, Vice President Smart Grids North America (tbc)
  • Finland: Jan Segerstam, Empower IM Oy
  • Finland: Tuula Mäkinen, Vice President, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • Austria: HOLTER, Christian, Solid GmbH
  • Sweden: Jonas Eklind, CEO and president Azelio AB

 Panel Discussion:  What are we working on? What are our expectations on public-private-partnerships? How can we   collaborate in the Mission Innovation framework? 


 Vision and Expectations on Multilateral Programming within Mission Innovation 

 ANDRÉN, Robert, Vice Chair MI Steering Committee 

 Co-Creation and Matchmaking Workshop


 Co-Creation and Matchmaking Workshop 

 Introduction to matchmaking and interaction workshop and moderation:
 Ludwig Karg and Laura Börner,  B.A.U.M. Consult, ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community

 It’s not only a game – it’s a game changer: moderated interaction in small groups on MICall19 Topics:
  • IC1- Smart Grids (chair: Lucciano Martini, RSE Italy and Yibo Wang, Chinese Academy Of Science, co-moderator: Helfried Brunner, Austrian Institute of Technology)
  • IC2 – Offgrid Solutions (chair: tbd, co-moderator: Laura Börner, JPP SES Knowledge Community)
  • IC5 – Converting Sunlight (chair: Peter Vach, Policy Officer, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, co-moderator: Rachid El Mrabet, IRESEN - Institut de Recherche en Énergie Solaire et Énergies Nouvelles, Morocco)
  • IC6 - Clean Energy Materials (chair: Hermann Tribukait (tbc); co-moderator: Morag Clark, Scottish Enterprise)
  • IC7 - Heating and Cooling of Buildings (chair: Emina Pasic, Swedish Energy Agency, Sweden; co-moderator: Hemma Bieser, avantsmart)
  • IC8 - Renewable and clean hydrogen (chair: Geert Tjarks, NOW GmbH; co-moderator: Elvira Lutter, Austrian Climate and Energy Fund) 

  Wrap-up and invitation to bilateral follow-up in the afternoon 

 Working Meeting for Funding Partners and Bilateral Matchmaking for Stakeholders 


 Setting the scene: 

  • scheduling b2b meetings for stakeholders
  • define agenda for working group of MICall19 funding  partners 
 until   17:00*   Bilateral meetings for stakeholders & Working meeting for MICall19 funding   partners


May 27, 2019, 09:00 - 13:00  
(plus follow-up working meeting for funders and matchmaking for stakeholders: 15:00-17:00) 


Vancouver Convention Centre West 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3, Canada 


Please remember to register here for this side event and to get access. Please find here further information on the overall event on the MI4 Event Website 
NOTE: A government issued photo ID will be required upon arrival to pick up your badge MI4 Event Website. 

Further information

The event brings together representatives of interested MI countries and their funding institutions in order to join the core group that has started to prepare for the first Mission Innovation multilateral call for R&D Projects (MICall19).  

This event will give a deep-dive insight in an innovative multilateral collaborative funding mechanism that can facilitate global cooperation in R&D projects. It will announce the initiative Pilot Multilateral Call for cooperative RDI Projects (research and industry), which is a multilateral format for Public-public-private partnership for funding of R&D projects. It will pilot a first global Mission Innovation call for collaborative RDI projects including a process how to initiate, jointly finance and monitor these projects.  It will also introduce a model how to form an active knowledge community of families of projects, together with associated partners from regional business clusters, need owners and technology adopters. With the associated partner model, the platform has also started to develop a mechanism to involve additional funds and financers in order to help closing the gap from RTD towards market introduction. Using the established structures, procedures and resources of the Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES), it will be possible to launch the call in autumn 2019 and to present a first set of jointly financed MI projects in Spring 2020 (MI#5). Furthermore, this workshop will be a first matchmaking opportunity for MI-IC participants and stakeholders from industry and research, representatives of interested MI countries and their funding institutions. 

The event will be a first matchmaking opportunity for participants in the MI Innovation Challenges and other stakeholders from industry and research, in order to start creating ideas for multilateral projects  

The event will include a co-creation session with the Mission Innovation Challenges. It will further invite representatives of need owners as communities, infrastructure operators and others, in order to help define the needs and requirements for future energy technology from a user perspective in preparation of the multilateral call. This event and the initiative for the pilot multilateral call in 2019 intend to create a learning environment to gain experiences on which further MI development and decisions can be based. The vision of the initiative is to be able to present a prototype for a multilateral funding collaboration mechanism in Mission Innovation at MI#5 in Chile. 

The Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES) started in 2014, based on former experiences from the European network "ERA-Net Smart Grids”, in order to establish a sustainable multilateral collaboration platform for public funding programs. Starting with a group of European Countries, its original intention was to reach out its activities beyond Europe at some point. Mission Innovation is an ideal environment to take this next step in order to develop a global collaboration platform for public funders. MICall19 is an opportunity for Mission Innovation countries to jump on an ongoing activity for quick success and gaining collective experience and learnings. 


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