New Case Book on PV Direct Use at Community Level

All over Europe, project consortia are currently developing new business models and smart services, taking advantage of digital technologies. This development goes beyond R&D of renewable energy technologies. New collaboration and community models are investigated in order to implement renewable and smart technologies as a basis for scaling up and making a significant impact towards the climate and energy targets.

On the one hand, these projects are fostering the installation of PV power. On the other hand, new concepts are developed where renewable energy is consumed and stored locally within a certain region. Energy consumers are playing a central role - in Living Lab environments, they have an active part as co-creators in the innovation process.

To reach the targets of SET-Plan Innovation Action 4, a stakeholder initiative was launched to exchange knowledge and to initiate new projects. Five stakeholder workshops were organized since October 2018 and a collection of cases and Living Labs was published in a paper. 
Participants of the 1st stakeholder meeting in Brussels, Belgium (2018) 

The goal of this case book is to give an overview of the stakeholder landscape and of European frontrunner projects. It provides a compact overview on PV self-consumption projects and Living Lab initiatives that are currently in progress or have concluded recently in different European countries. It represents the status as of August 2019.

Members of the ERA-Net SES community are invited to browse through and find relevant information and contacts:
Click on the image below to download the case book from the expera platform, the Smart Energy Systems Knowledge Community.

About SET-Plan Innovation Action A4-IA2.2-5 

This SET-Plan Innovation Action has the title "Families of living labs to develop technology – service systems for direct use of PV energy on an aggregated level of multi-family buildings, districts or communities". It aims to optimize direct consumption of PV energy on aggregated level, focusing on the mentioned contexts. This can be seen not only as a starting point for business model development and consumer empowerment, but also for mobilizing flexibility potentials for power grids, integrating the end user.

To get in touch and join the SET-Plan Innovation Action A4-IA2.2-5, contact:
Hemma Bieser, avantsmart,  
Gaetan Masson, Becquerel Institute, 

Past and Upcoming Stakeholder Events

The following chart gives an overview on all activities that took place since October 2018. To continue the dialogue process, the next event will take place in Marseille (France from 9th to 13th of September 2019. For 2020 two events are planned so far:
The 3rd Stakeholder Workshop in the first quarter, further information will be determined. As well as the 4th Stakeholder Workshop at the end of April 2020 in Austria.

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