Joint Programming Conference 2020 Smart Energy Systems

How can we join forces with public RDI funding programs and stakeholder initiatives in the SET-Plan in order to develop a future integrated energy system in Europe and beyond, by cooperating and collaborating across sectors and borders?
From 14 to 16 October 2020, high level speakers from RDI funding networks, Mission Innovation and the European Commission shared their solutions and latest updates at the Joint Programming Conference 2020 Smart Energy Systems with more than 400 registered participants. In focus for this year: strengthening the links with SET-Plan initiatives on Heating and Cooling and Power Systems.

Conference agenda
 The Conference agenda and announcement is available here

A common policy message
The Policy Conference kicked-off the three-day event on 14 October and was organised by the Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES) together with collaboration partners – EERA, ETIP SNET, ETIP Renewable Heating & Cooling, ERA-Net Geothermica and partners of Mission Innovation – and the European Commission. The partner organisations shared a clear common message: "Many European research & innovation initiatives share the objective of a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050.  There is a continuity and trusted cooperation history of high value between member states and industries. This results in cross-border collaboration coming naturally. The challenge is now to work further on the cross-sector cooperation within the energy industry, among industries and within govern-ance, to make a sustainable energy transition happen in time. The way forward requires more co-ordination of approaches, alignment of roadmaps and simplification of programme procedures for the energy initiatives. One step towards this alignment and simplification is the upcoming Clean Energy Transition Partnership which will provide a framework for all ERA-Net and European national pro-grammes to work together on these common challenges.” Please find the full policy conference documentation here and the slides here.
A co-creation for new projects: the Connectathon
In the afternoon on 14 October, potential project applicants and associated programme partners from the living labs and testbeds validation network and digital platform providers joined the Connectathon for the MI-Call20 on regional innovation ecosystems for clean energy transition. They worked interactively together on the development of transnational solutions and project ideas to address jointly identified needs for the Joint Call 2020 (also known as the MICall20). The Connectathon documentation is available here and the slides here – after registration on expera.
Outstanding project achievements and Knoweldge Community meetings
On the second day (15 October), Status Conference participants could get insights on the achievements of projects, running since 2016 and 2017. The JPP SES Knowledge Community was presented, in particular the latest developments on the work and results from the Working Groups. Then the participants took part in Working Group meetings before joining a virtual networking lunch, which enabled exchange with Living Labs; Digital Platform Providers and the Knowledge Community Team.  The Status Conference documentation is available here and the slides here.
Enhancing project management, communication and results
At the Project Family Meeting, on 16 October, project partners could meet, network and get updated and trained on communication and reporting procedures. 
The documentation of the Project Family Meeting is available for projects, who have been informed. If you would like to get access as a funded project member, please send us an email:
Programme Cooperation Scoping Workshop
In parallel to this meeting, programme owners and managers joined the Programme Cooperation Scoping Workshop: focus area on renewable heating and cooling
Information on this workshop is available here

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The Joint Programming Platfrom Smart Energy Systems receives funding from the European Union´s Horizont 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreements no. 646039, 775970 and 883973 .
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