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How we understand partnership

It is our mission to help shape the transformation of the global energy system towards a green and sustainable energy system. Therefore, transnational research and knowledge exchange are crucial to us to be able to develop interoperable and scalable solutions for this challenge. As an institute for applied research, we seek cooperations with industry and medium-sized companies. We think the DPP partner program is an excellent opportunity for matchmaking and to support the community and companies with our solutions and applied research expertise.

What we offer

OpenMUC simplifies the development of customized monitoring, logging and control systems. It can be used as a basis to flexibly implement anything from simple data loggers, energy management systems to complex SCADA systems. More information:
synPRO generates electrical and thermal synthetic load profiles in high time resolution (1 min) for the residential sector in Germany. This is done by a stochastic bottom-up approach, in which the household electricity is derived directly from the appliances used. It includes in the computation socio economic factors as well as building properties. More information:
synGHD generates electrical and thermal synthetic load profiles in high time resolution (1 min) for the sector commerce trade and service.
synPRO-Tech simulates and sizes system technics to given electrical and thermal load profiles. It includes pv systems, pv-battery systems, heat pumps, gas boilers and direct electric heating.

Pricing model

Most of our solutions are offered as open source software to the community and are free to use. However, depending on the component one of the following open source license types applies: MPL, LGPL or GPL. In case of GPL we offer proprietary licenses without GPL restrictions.

What we offer in addition

We provide documentation and tutorials for our solutions. We also provide initial support to get our solutions running in the partners environment and provide best practice tips. Furthermore, we offer individual service contracts for system integration, implementation of new features or customized applications.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
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Marco Mittelsdorf

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