Connecting Networks: Multilateral Innovation and Collaboration

Join us on May 15, 2019 at the All-Energy fair in Glasgow to learn about future funding opportunities and topics, and how ERA-Net SES is supporting the development of "an optimised European power grid” and "Integrated Local and Regional Energy Systems”. 


In the week commencing 13th May 2019, the representatives from the 30 funding agencies will be in Glasgow for their biannual meetings. We have timed this to complement the All-Energy conference and fair. We invite its visitors to join us in a specific session to meet our projects and funding partners. Participants can learn how ERA-Net SES is contributing with its global network to activities eventually supporting the development of "an optimised European power grid” and "Integrated Local and Regional Energy Systems”. ERA-Net SES’s path towards multilateral innovation and collaboration with its recent global activities with Mission Innovation will be presented. Moreover, the successfully selected projects from our recent Integrated Renewable Energy Systems call will be presented – and future funding opportunities and topics will be announced.

The main focus will be to introduce opportunities on how to get involved with ERA-Net SES for instance as a project applicant, as an Associated Partner, and via the Knowledge Community. Therefore, managers of our existing funded projects will provide and update and share their success story of cooperating with ERA-Net SES and how to get started. Together with Associated Partners from regional business institutions and government, the start-up and SME sector, additional financers and funders as well as ICT providers, the joint programming platform provides an innovation ecosystem, building bridges in the whole innovation chain. The Associated Partners programme and its benefits will be discussed with existent and potential new Associated Partners. Followed by a brief introduction of collaboration opportunities in the Knowledge Community and matchmaking activities.

The session will conclude with a Q&A and networking session to allow exchange and lay grounds for future collaboration.


The session will take place on 15 May, 2019 from 11:00-12:30.  

11:00 11:15
 Benefits of the multilateral Joint Programming Platform
(Fredrik Lundström, Co-Chair ERA-Net SES, Swedish Energy Agency) 
11:15  11:30
 Presenting successfully selected projects and upcoming funding opportunities
(Karina Barnholt Klepper, ERA-Net SES Call Management, Nordic Energy Research)
11:30  11:40
 Getting involved- Options to connect with ERA-Net SES
(Morag Clark, Coordination Team ERA-Net SES, Scottish Enerprise)
11:40  12:00
 Cooperation between funded  Projects, ERA-Net SES, and Associated Partners
Talk with Robert MacDonald (Project SmartGuide, Smarter Grid Solutions) and Natasha Madeira (Associated Partner, Business Development Manager- Energy Systems, ETP and ESC)
 Questions, Answers & Networking


Most public funding for Energy R&D in Europe and globally is structured in various national and regional funding programs and with dedicated funding only available to partners from that specific region or country. At the same time business, innovation and sustainability challenges are increas-ingly global in their nature, and they require joint global efforts. In this context ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems is gathering and coordinating funders from various countries and regions in one single network and with one single platform. The main four objectives are:

  1. Higher impact per £ of funding joint transnational challenge focus and larger collabora-tion network creates synergies, scale up resources and up which increases the impact for each invested £ of R&D, regardless of its public or private resources.
  2. Easier access to collaboration with international partners - International and multilateral network of public funders in coordinated action allows for easier and more efficient international collaboration through lower barriers for local and regional stakeholders in need of public support.
  3. Connecting the local agenda to the global – partnering with a multilateral network of funders in both scoping activities, R&D implementation and dissemination allows local, regional and global agendas to meet and integrate easier, and it allows for a faster and more accurate dissemination of results.
  4. The unique value of strong networks - continuously working together and solving joint problem in a successful way, as organisations, and as people, and in an international network means getting to know each other better more, learning from each other and building mutual trust. The combination of international outreach, knowledge and trust within the network becomes a key to solving new problems together. The supporting tools needed for this work becomes the joint platform and together the platform and the network benefit all participants.


ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (ERA-Net SES) is a joint programming platform of and managers from 30 national and regional public funding programmes in the field of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) from 23 countries. It initiates and awards Research, Development and Demonstration (RDD) projects in thematic areas like smart power grids, regional and local energy systems, heating and cooling networks, digital services, etc. The platform provides a Knowledge Community, where experts meet in workshops, webinars and on the tailor-made digital knowledge platform expera. In the Knowledge Community ERA-Net SES projects closely cooperate with part-ners from industry, network and infrastructure providers, research and academia as well as regions and cities, dealing with technological development, new market design and adoption of solutions by end-users and industry.


Please note that you have to register seperatly for the event to get free access at:


Room M2/M3, SEC (Scottish Event Campus) Glasgow, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, G38YW

The Scottish Events Campus (SEC) is Scotland's largest exhibition center, located just outside Glasgow on the banks of the river Clyde. The venue is easily accessible, only 8 miles from Glasgow Airport and a 3-minute train ride from Glasgow Central Station.

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